Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hypnotic Dreamscapes by Jonina Cadoreth

Three new paintings just arrived in the gallery by Jonina Cadoreth. These serene moonlit scenes emanate a mysterious aura. The reflection in the water against the flat distant sky gives these pieces a surreal and dreamlike quality. They are somewhat real but almost other worldly at the same time. The sand sprinkled in the foreground of “Silver Moon” and “Blue Moon” gives these pieces texture as well as another dimension leading into the ominous seascapes.

Silver Moon
Acrylic on Canvas
18 x 24 in.  

Blue Moon
Acrylic on Canvas
20 x 20 in. 

Acrylic on Canvas
18 x 14 in. 

What are your thoughts when you look into these scapes? Do they lure you into a distant world or a dream? Are you wanting to travel deeper to discover more within this hypnotic place? 

Start counting backwards from 10... 9... 8...  You're getting very sleepy... 7... 6... your eyelids are getting heavier... 5... 4... you drift into your subconscious....

What do you see? 

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