Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memento Framing

There is something special about taking precious objects, photographs and mementos and putting them inside a custom frame to display, preserve and enjoy.

My Assistant Gallery Gal, Stephanie, has taken a few special occasions to frame some sentimental photographs and objects as gifts for friends and family. "I love taking something that might be stored away in a drawer or a box and turning it into something that can be put on display and be seen every day."   

The following are photos of a few treasures Stephanie has chosen to frame, and what she has to say about each one.

I found these two little photos of my mom while flipping through an old family photo album and decided to have them framed for her birthday.  Although they were protected in an album, I thought they deserved a place where they could be seen more often. These two small pictures are very precious because there are very few pictures of my mom as a little girl. I spent a long time trying to find just the right choice of materials. I think the innocence and sweetness of these pictures is enhanced by the delicate white frame and soft gray mat.  
 . . .

My sister's nineteen year old tabby cat, Meowy, was very regal. In her older years, she wore an elegant white beaded collar with pink jewels.  To remember this feline that we grew up with, I carefully snuck the collar from the drawer where it had been tucked away for years, and had it framed as a gift. Now Meowy's collar is elegantly protected and displayed. The 'Queen of the House", as she was known, will be remembered whenever my sister looks at this framed collar.
 . . .

My boyfriend Kent recently mentioned that he had a photograph of his Papa that he has been meaning to frame for quite a few years. He has been keeping it safely pressed between the pages of a book and decided now was the time to do something with the photo.  This picture captures a beautiful moment of someone fondly remembered. When we told his Nana that we were framing this special photograph, she recounted that it was the first photo snapped from her brand new camera in the early 80's. I was very happy to choose framing to complement and preserve this piece which brings back memories for Kent of spending time with his Papa at their family cottage. 
. . .

When it comes to framing, I am like a kid in a candy shop. The possibilities are endless. I love playing with different colours, textures, and shapes in framing and matting. You only need to start with something that is meaningful to you, such as a photo or object and you will find the process of framing to be very rewarding.

. . .

We have framed a variety of special mementos for clients at the gallery. The possibilities really are endless. We can help you find great framing combinations to present and preserve your sports jerseys & memorabilia, collections, photographs, medals & awards, special objects and much more.

What treasures do you have hiding away in a drawer or closet that you could frame and display?

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