Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Art

I have to confess, I have not carved a pumpkin in years. Ryan and I each carved one for our Halloween party in 2008. I thought we did a really good job (even though Ryan cheated... he used a stencil) but our pumpkin carving skills obviously rate average compared the following works of art.

Artist Ray Villafane is a master pumpkin carver! Prepare to be amazed!

Read more about the artist and his other artistic endeavors on his website Villafane Studios. You can buy signed prints of his creations and even commission him to carve your Halloween pumpkin!

This next carver, Noel Dickover carves Fantasy Pumpkins. Here are a few that caught my eye...

Wow! These guys have talent!

I know you're probably still wondering what our pumpkins looked like. Well here they are...

What do you think? Just a bit more practice before we become pumpkin carving masters?

Happy Halloween Friends!!!

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Jocelyn said...

I agree with you on the stencil thing. If you didn't draw it yourself it doesn't count!

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