Friday, October 28, 2011

Melissa Jean Art Demo

Last year I started representing a vibrant young artist from Lake of the Woods, Ontario. 

 Photo courtesy of Joel Ross

Melissa Jean is a fast emerging artist who can barely keep up with her own creativity. Every new painting is an adventure for Melissa. She studies her home surroundings at Lake of the Woods with a unique perspective and an inquisitive eye. Whether she is looking up, looking through, or clearing brush to climb down to the perfect little painting spot, Melissa is always looking to show us the world from a new perspective. Her success in this first year of representation at Woodlands Gallery is very exciting.

She was first featured in the gallery during a group exhibition in Fall 2010, which resulted in a great pARTy and a number of art sales.

This Fall Melissa was the Feature Artist for September, showing 16 brand new paintings. She even offered a Friday afternoon to come to the gallery and demonstrate her paintings techniques. She worked on two paintings that afternoon... here are some photos of the process.

 Photo courtesy of Joel Ross

 Photo courtesy of Joel Ross

 Photo courtesy of Joel Ross

"As I paint, there is an energy, a thought or an emotion that I try to capture into my painting... the inspiration filters through who I am and out onto canvas... traveling through to the viewer, and into their space. There is a human connection in an original piece of art, it is a thoughtful thing." -Melissa Jean


The completed paintings!

In The Woodlands, 24x18 acrylic on canvas 
by Melissa Jean

Rocks and Raindrops, 24x24 acrylic on canvas 
by Melissa Jean

There are so many great things coming up for Melissa! With each new painting completed, her energy and creativity are growing. We can hardly wait for the solo exhibition planned in the gallery for the Fall of 2012. Possibly to include another painting demonstration! 

~ You can view more paintings by Melissa Jean on the gallery website. 

~ Read more about what inspires Melissa most about nature and living in Lake of the Woods, Ontario.

Please visit the gallery at 535 Academy Road in Winnipeg to view Melissa's paintings. I guarantee they are even more awe inspiring in person!

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