Friday, June 17, 2011

The First Look

Next Tuesday will mark the first day of Summer and it's finally starting to feel like it here in Winnipeg. Almost time to turn on the AC.

It's also wedding season! I have two weddings to attend this Summer and attended my first bridal shower of the season last weekend. I can't believe it's been almost a year since Ryan and I were married. July 24th will be our first anniversary!

So I figured it's about time to share a few more wedding favorites. The "First Look" photos!

Our wedding ceremony and reception were both held at the same location and we wanted the ceremony to flow right into the reception. Therefore, going against tradition, we chose to see each other and take our wedding party photos and lots of couple photos before the ceremony.

Many couples who choose take photos before the ceremony, and see each other all dressed up before the moment the bride walks down the isle, arrange a special private moment or "First Look" at each other.

Here is our "First Look" moment.


What was your "First Look" like? Did you have a private moment before the ceremony 
or did you wait to see each other until just before you said I DO?


ag. said...

This is such a sweet first look! I love the photos of your guy waiting for you...must have been a great moment! We went with tradition and waiting til I walked down the aisle. I was happy we did it that way but then I see such sweet photos like yours and I wish we had this moment, too!

Cathy Sutton said...

oh these photos are wonderful Jenny!!!

Right.Now.Read. said...

Great pics Jenny! You look beautiful!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great photos-

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