Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wearable Art by Cathy Sutton

The other day, Cathy Sutton, a jewelery artist I represent in the gallery brought in a couple fantastic new pieces. She is so creative and I absolutely love her work!

These two most recent pieces are fold formed copper roses surrounded by tortured copper with silver applique.If I don't sell Autumn Rose soon I don't know how much longer I'll be able to resist buying it myself.

 Autumn Rose Necklace by Cathy Sutton

Deep Rose Necklace by Cathy Sutton

Here are a couple more of Cathy's pieces I fell in love with. Fingers crossed she'll bring them into the gallery. 

Montana Agate on sterling silver, tortured copper and large sterling bail by Cathy Sutton

Tortured Copper with cut out and beaded edge by Cathy Sutton

What do you think? Aren't her pieces just so unique? You can view more of Cathy's work here on my gallery website or here on her Facebook page. She also just started working with a jewelery shop/gallery in West Vancouver for any fans in BC.


Cathy Sutton said...

You are too sweet Jenny. Thank you. All of these pieces have back grounds of Tortured Copper. Such a cool technique! I came up with the idea of "torturing copper" some time around June of 2010. It results in a unique, individual finish every time. I load small pieces of sterling silver onto a cut piece of natural copper and then begin heating it all to the extreme! The copper glows orange red- painfully hot- not quite melting- until finally it gives up- and all of a sudden the silver puddles into a shiny liquid pool. The pressure from the torch creates lines and patterns...hence- "Tortured Copper". Each time I do this its like opening a Christmas present- you don't know what youre going to get until its "open"!
Cathy Sutton
Nepenthe Studio

Jude said...

These are soo beautiful! I love those copper pieces and the last two as well. I am also reading the creators very own comment about them, which adds lovely context (love the idea of it being a surprise/Christmast present each time). Btw, I can *finally* follow you - yippee!(thanks to the computer doctor :))

The Gallery Gal said...

Thanks Cathy for the process description! You must have so much fun creating these!

PS. I failed to mention that ALL of Cathy's pieces are one of a kind.

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

That first one is to die for! I'm with you, I wouldn't be able to resist buying it for myself if I worked at the gallery!


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