Friday, November 5, 2010

Great pARTy!

Last night was the opening reception for the New Artists 2010 exhibition in the gallery. We had a great turnout and a great time!

The show featured Winnipeg artist Brandy Lynn, Kenora artist Melissa Jean and BC artist Peter Wyse. Anytime there is a local artist in attendance we always have a fantastic turnout. Add relatively local artist Melissa Jean from Kenora (only 2 hours away) and we had a PARTY!

Me & Featured Artist Brandy Lynn

Me & Featured Artist Melissa Jean

Brandy Lynn and Melissa Jean being young emerging artists, brought in a refreshingly younger crowd to the gallery. I had the opportunity to meet lots of their family, friends and new collectors. Every time I turned around Melissa was introducing me to another one of her cousins. She has a large family, many of whom are also living creative entrepreneurial lives.

One of Melissa's cousins happens to be award winning photographer Joel Ross. Joel and his team are known in the community mostly for wedding photography but also handle engagement, maternity, newborn, baby, kids, family and commercial photography. He's a young guy to have already built such a successful photography business. This morning Melissa dropped off a disc of fun photos Joel snaped at the opening last night. Check them out below! Also visit to learn more about his professioanal photography.

Jerrod, Melissa, Joel

Me, Melissa, Rick

Me & Ryan

Here's a couple silly shots...

Trying to take a nice photo - Take ONE

Trying to take a nice photo - Take TWO

In an upcoming post I am excited to share more about another one of Melissa's cousins who's company converts reclaimed wood into beautiful hardwood flooring, architectural design, furniture and ART projects.


Jude said...

What a great event (and you look great too)! And so exciting :) It's great you can keep showcasing the wonderful artists and creative talents right there within *your* community. Hope you've a chance to relax this weekend!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Oh these are great photos- Looks like it was a fun event. Joel took great photos- I LOVE the one with the blue painting in the foreground- amazing- those last two are very silly- looks like you have some in-house clowns. Silly boys.

Krystal said...

Looks like it had a successful turnout!! Nice photos!

Joel said...

Congratulations to all of the artists and Jenny for putting on such an amazing show!

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