Saturday, October 30, 2010

Please Excuse The Mess...

Last Saturday was the last day of Rick Bond's solo exhibition in the gallery and Thursday November 4th is the opening for the 'New Gallery Artists' show. So this week, was what I like to call transition week, the week in between shows.

Normally I like to keep the gallery fairly tidy but transition week is a totally different story. No matter how hard I try, it's inevitable that the gallery gets a bit cluttered. New paintings for the upcoming show are arriving every day and we are getting ready to frame and hang all the featured works. Meanwhile pieces are still coming in from other gallery artists and we need to find places to hang or store the unsold works from the previos show. Here's a visual...

I find myself saying "please excuse the mess" multiple times a day with a short reference to the transition between shows. I always want to make a good impression on gallery visitors and I would hate for any newcomers to think it's always this way. This also gives me an opportunity to introduce myself and the upcoming show. However, in a way, some people seem to love the clutter and chaos. I think it gives them the feeling they are part of an unveiling of new works. 

As much as it feels like we're never going to find places to put everything and get it all done, it always works out just in time for opening night.

The 'New Artists 2010' exhibition featuring Melissa Jean, Brandy Lynn and Peter Wyse opens on Thursday November 4th. If you live in Winnipeg please pop by Woodlands Gallery at 535 Academy Road between 6:30 to 9:00 pm to help us give these three new artists a warm welcome to our list of represented artists. Melissa Jean and Brandy Lynn will be in attendance.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall at Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C., Canada

I received these lovely images in an email this morning. I thought I would share.  

All images via

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Buzz

It's the Fall BUZZ in the gallery! Fall is a great time of year to decorate your home with new artwork for all your upcoming holiday gatherings. As artwork is leaving the gallery and finding new homes we are constantly bringing in new pieces from all of our artists.

It was just last Thursday that we had the opening reception for Rick Bond's solo show in the gallery and planning has already kicked into high gear for shows in November and December. It's a crazy, busy & fun time of year! Here's a sample of some of the new pieces coming in...

Earlier THIS WEEK I received a shipment of 11 new paintings by Quebec artist Melan, one fantastic new painting by Regina artist Carl Schlademan and a bunch of new fibre art pieces from Brandy Lynn.

Energie Lumineuse, 30x60 acrylic on canvas by Melan

The Way You Smile, 20x60 acrylic on canvas by Carl Schlademan

Campfire Moon, 17x17 Fibre Art by Brandy Lynn

TODAY I'm expecting 10 new paintings by Quebec artist Gerard Lapointe.

Coloration d'automne, 30x36 oil on canvas by Gerard Lapointe

TOMORROW Melissa Jean is driving in from Kenora to give me a few new pieces for the upcoming new gallery artists show.

 Norman Park, 18x36 acrylic on canvas by Melissa Jean

In the NEXT TWO WEEKS I'm expecting 3 new paintings from B.C artist Peter Wyse, 6 new paintings from B.C. artist Angela Morgan and 7 new paintings from Winnipeg artist Hugh G Rice.

 The Lion Tamer, 24x24 acrylic on board by Peter Wyse

There's an ant in every giant,  60 x 40 oil on canvas by Angela Morgan

Plain Peace, 30x36 mixed media on canvas by Hugh G. Rice

That's 50 new pieces of artwork in about three weeks! It's so exciting when we get to unpack all these fabulous new works of art from all over Canada! I better get busy moving more Rick Bond paintings out the door to make room for all the new work.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be in my glory unpacking new artwork for the gallery :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Morning at the Park

What a beautiful day to spend at the Park! This morning I met some out of town family at the Assiniboine Park, which is just a short walk from home.

The first photo was taken at the end of my street at 9:20 AM. Across the street, there is a footbridge that crosses the Assiniboine River leading to the Assiniboine Park.

Walking towards the Assiniboine Park Footbridge

Looking East on the Footbridge

Looking West on the Footbridge

A Walking / Bike Path at the Park

The Assiniboine Park Pavilion
(inside is Terrace Fifty-Five Restaurant & The Pavilion Gallery Museum)

 The Boy with the Boot, Bronze by Leo Mol
Entrance to The English Gardens & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Swing and Reflecting Pool, Bronze by Leo Mol - 1980

...going to the zoo...

 My cute little Cousin

Ground Squirel







Lion (my favorite)

Pretty Berries

How did you spend this lovely Holiday Monday?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Opening Success!

Thursday night was the opening reception for MOSAIC: A Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Rick Bond in my gallery.

The opening event was a success! There was a steady flow of visitors and Rick, in from BC, had the opportunity to chat and spend some time with a few collectors and followers who were thrilled to meet him in person. And of course we made some sales!!!

Me and Canadian Artist Rick Bond