Thursday, September 9, 2010

Painting of the Day

In the last couple of days this has been the "painting of the day". There have been a few people in the gallery who have just loved this piece. Of course I can see why... it's beautiful! It's such a bright, happy painting and the little flowers are like a breath of fresh air. I know this is more Spring than Fall but I wanted to share anyway.

La musique est joie, 30x36 acrylic on canvas by Marcel Cote

So pretty! You can see more Marcel Cote paintings on my gallery website here. It's almost the weekend, happy Thursday everyone!


Renée said...

Love the details!!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing in that frame!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Vibrant! Colourful! People tend to buy pictures that match their personalities. Watch who ever buys it. See if his personality matches the picture.

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