Monday, August 16, 2010

A Crisp Morning & A Delicious Dinning Experience

Waking up this morning, the air outside the covers felt so chilly. It’s a little early for fall but the crisp, cool, fresh air reminded me of the first day of school. This feeling was very fitting as today is Ryan’s first day at his new job. After 10 years of driving only 5 minutes to work, he will now be taking the bus downtown. He was like a little kid this morning, nervous and excited and he would hate me for saying this but so cute. He looked so handsome and smart. I so badly wanted to walk him to the bus stop and wave goodbye as it pulled away. I managed to restrain, however I could not resist taking a picture of him before he left with my brand new super nifty new camera. More about my new camera later….

As a celebration of starting his new job, Ryan and I went out for a special dinner on Saturday night. We went to Sydney’s at the Forks, which is such a treat and one of the nicest restaurants I’ve been to in the city. I say that not because the chef & owner of Sydney’s, Michael Schafer is a friend of Ryan’s from way back but because it is truly a fantastic dining experience. 

The rich warm ambiance puts you in the mood to get comfortable and enjoy a delicious 2 to 3 hour evening. The five mouth-watering courses are a culinary art. Each course comes out beautifully presented, colourful and arranged on the plate. Here are a few pictures I took from Sydney's website. 

You can read the current dinner menu selections here. Ryan and I both had the "exotic game" as our main selection. It was Elk which I had never tried before but it went very well with the Lost Valley Thousand Hills (Australia), 2004 Shiraz that our server suggested. Yummmm!

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening out at Sydney's. The food and wine was incredible, the service outstanding and an overall memorable experience. Click here to read a bit more about Sydney’s at the Forks and here to view a super fun video tour of the restaurant.


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Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

Mmmm, I love Sydney's too! It is like fall here isn't it? You are so cute with your little man heading off to school/new job. Hope married life is treating you good Jen!


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