Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gallery Makeover

This week our gallery building is getting an exterior makeover. It's about time! The stucco is cracked and falling off and the wood trim is water stained and faded. The new building owner has really stepped up to fix all these issues along with replace some windows and paint the entire exterior. The colours are not exactly what I would have chosen but they are better than peach stucco and discoloured wood. He has chosen an off white for the stucco and a chocolate brown stain for the woodwork. It think it will be an enormous improvement. Below is a "before" picture from last summer. When it's all done I will add the before and after pictures of the building.

Earlier this year the gallery also had an interior makeover. We decided it was about time to not only paint the whole gallery top to bottom but also pick some new colours for the walls. We replaced the carpet throughout the gallery and the ceramic tile in the front entrance. We even changed the floor in the washroom and added a beautiful framed mirror.

Here are some before and after photos...
In this before and after set you can see we opened the doorway between the main area and the side room.

New front entrance tile. The old tile was pink with blue specs.

Nice new washroom with fancy framed mirror and new flooring.

Hopefully next week I'll have some pictures of the completed exterior makeover.

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Lenore said...

Loved seeing the makeover at the gallery show and can't wait to see the exterior!


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