Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Small World Encounter with New Gallery Artist Peter Wyse

One of my favorite pass times and distractions is browsing the web for artists, artwork and art galleries. It usually starts by looking up one artist or piece of work suggested to me by a friend, client or another artist. This one search often starts a ripple effect leading me to browse the entire collection of work by the artist in question, then on to browsing the entire repertoire of artists at that gallery, then moving on to search other galleries that represent the artists that have caught my eye. It goes on and on.

A few years ago one of my clients from B.C. was in the gallery and was telling me all about a gallery in her hometown that she deals with on a regular basis. She was telling me about the artists she collects and that I should consider for my gallery.

One of the artists that caught my eye on this gallery website was Peter Wyse. He was just emerging into gallery representation, but right away I was drawn to his unique playful style. At the time his works included minimal depictions of little boys and girls, dogs, cats, and little houses. Each piece told a story or captured an emotion. Here are a couple examples of his earlier works...

So I book marked his page and from time to time I would check it out to see what he was up to next. The more I got to know his work the more I thought he would be a great fit here at Woodlands Gallery. However I didn't know how to get in touch with him.

Earlier this year I was out with some friends and was delighted to hear that I had a small world connection with Peter Wyse. My friends E & D were telling me about an artist, who is a friend of a friend of theirs out in B.C., who was asking about my gallery. OF COURSE they put in a good word for the gallery and me. Imagine how excited I was to hear it was Peter Wyse. So for a few months I've been anxiously waiting to hear from him or get his contact information so I could ask him to join my gallery.

In early May I finally got the email I was waiting for. It was Peter Wyse asking if I would be interested in representing his work. So I called him up and told him I would be thrilled! He mentioned to me that he had my gallery website book marked as well for quite some time. Even before he found out about our friends of friends small world connection, one of his collectors, who turns out to be the same client I mentioned earlier who first introduced me to Peter's work, had also put in a good word about me and the gallery. YAY!

Last week I opened a box of 6 new paintings from Peter Wyse. They are acrylic paintings on MDF board mounted 1 1/2" wood frames to create a seamless boxed look. Opposite to so many artists he paints his edges white which really works well with his style. The completed paintings are sanded, clear coated and varnished which creates a very subtle but interesting texture that can only be appreciated in person by viewing them at the right angle. I have one hanging right beside me at my desk and I love it more and more every time I look at it. I'm sure it won't be long before I add a Peter Wyse to my personal collection.

Please come in to see his works in person. They are really really fantastic!!! Here is a peak at a few of the pieces I have in the gallery. The rest of the pieces and details can be viewed on the gallery website.


Lenore said...

What a great story about how you connected witht the artist Jen! Isn't it easy to get so caught up online browsing around and finding one thing, which leads to another, which leads to another?

I love these pieces! What a great child-like (yet adult) quality they have to them. So whimsical!


shauna said...

I love these!!!! They don't look like paitings though...what are they? I want one....I'm going to your site right now to check out the prices.

The Gallery Gal said...

Thanks Shauna! They are so great and yes they are paintings. He paints in several thin layers of acrylic on board then sands them down and adds clear coats and mat varnish. You can really see the depth and the layers in person. You should pop by the gallery to see them!

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