Friday, May 28, 2010

My Sunshine On A Gray Day

Was anyone else up all night listening to the rain and the wind? I tossed and turned all night and did not feel like leaving the house this stormy gray morning. But I remembered I had something exciting waiting for me at the gallery this morning.

Just before I left yesterday a much anticipated box of paintings arrived by yet another new artist to the gallery, Sheila Kernan. Sheila is a young vibrant artist using lots of colour and playful techniques in her painting. I am soooo excited to have her work in the gallery!

I am like a kid at Christmas opening up boxes of new paintings from artists. This mornings box was particularly rewarding because of the gloomy day it is outside. Seeing Sheila's work in person just makes me fall in love even more.

I've included an image of one of the new paintings called "Roadside" and some detailed shots of the painting techniques. 

I absolutely love the dots, the masking and especially the glitter!

Don't these cheery bits of colour give you a warm sunny feeling on this stormy day? I actually do see the sun trying to peak out just a little bit now.

The box I opened this morning contained 4 of Sheila's landscape paintings. She also does figurative and cityscape works. She promised to also work on some cityscape paintings for the gallery so I think I'll wait and add her work to the gallery website all at once. If you can't wait to see the new works you'll just need to visit the gallery in person.

Hope to see you soon!

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Lenore said...

The first one is so beautiful! So great to see you yesterday and sending thoughts and prayers to you and Ryan...


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