Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fibre Art

I love walking into a fabric store and looking at all the patterns and textures. I get this from my mom. She used to make a lot of her own clothes and made me, my sister and my brother a few outfits and costumes as kids too. My mom and I both appreciate how much more excited Brandy Lynn must be when she walks into a fabric store.

Brandy Lynn is the newest addition to our artist list at Woodlands Gallery. Here's a short excerpt from her artist bio.

"Brandy Lynn is a budding fibre artist captured in a whirlwind of passion for her art. Her most recent body of work is a vibrant series of fibre art landscapes.

Her portfolio includes custom fibre art landscapes, abstract designs, photo imaging, and mixed media pieces with fibre, paint and foil. She has also designed an adorable line of baby blankets that bring back the once cherished idea of heirloom comfort, quality and charm."

You can also check out Brandy's website to view more of her creations. I have 17 of Brandy Lynn's small fibre art landscapes in the gallery. The are very reasonably priced from about $150.00 to $250.00 framed. Click here to view more images of her work on the gallery website. Here a snapshot of the display in the gallery.


shauna-accidentalgardener said...

Neat. I love seeing examples like this done by a professional artist. I tried to do the same idea with my kids...but there are never really a lot of professional examples to share with them

Lenore said...

I love the texture in those pieces! Gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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