Thursday, April 29, 2010

Potential New Artist

This morning I had a visit with a lovely young artist, Melissa Jean from Kenora, and her husband Bill. She contacted me last week by email asking about gallery representation. I really liked her work so I called her up. We spoke on the phone for a short while and she came in for a visit this morning.
Melissa is a young 30 something emerging artist looking to expand her representation and have a gallery in Winnipeg. She is full of energy and excited to show and talk about her work. She is professional and is open to learning about how gallery representation works. She paints landscape-based work in oil and acrylic with unique perspective and use of light. It was such a pleasure to meet Melissa and Bill. I’ll be looking at my calendar to see when I can fit her in. Stayed tuned to hear about the possibility of a show for Melissa Jean in the next 6 months to a year. Here is an example of her work.     

Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Never Cease to Amaze!

This week I received a shipment of 6 paintings from one of my very talented gallery artists, Carl Schlademan. I have been representing Carl in Winnipeg since 2005.

Ryan and I had the pleasure of meeting Carl in the Spring of 2007 when we took a road trip to Regina and Saskatoon. In addition to visiting a bunch of galleries, what inspired us to go was the grand opening of the Assiniboia Gallery's new location, also representing Carl Schlademan.

Here is a picture of me and Carl with one of his famous wine paintings at the grand opening.

Carl Schaldeman paints in high realism. His fruit, flowers, wine & landscapes take on a life of their own. The lighting is always dramatic, giving his still life paintings a very theatrical look as if the objects are about to perform or take a bow. To me his pears even have personalities. Carl's landscapes take you back. They evoke a memory of a moment or a feeling or simply let you escape to a different time and place.

Here are a few examples of paintings that just arrived in the gallery this week. The details will be posted on the gallery website early next week. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Insight & Art

With my first real post, I am excited to spread the word that Woodlands Gallery got the feature article in the latest issue of Academy Road Insight (The Academy Road BIZ e-newsletter).

This is my third year as chair of the Academy Road BIZ volunteer board and fifth year as a board member. In the past five years we have come leaps and bounds into the world of technology and now have a great website including a directory of all businesses on Academy, as well as an e-newsletter and a twitter page. The first issue of Insight was in April 2009 and is released every couple of months to the BIZ and the community.

On the one year anniversary of Insight I am very proud to have recognition in the feature business article. Please click here to read the April 2010 issue of Insight. There is an introduction from myself as chair, then a couple new business write ups, followed by the fantastic article on Woodlands Gallery written by Robert Mensies of Edge Business Strategies. Enjoy!